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Conserving canal records

The National Archives is richly endowed with transport records, especially for railways and canals. However, like many of the other records in their care, these sometimes require conservation. A recent blog on The National Archives website offers a behind the scenes look at how work was carried out on minute books of the Regents Canal & Dock Co. For fuller details and photographs take a look at the blog.

Posted on: Thursday, 26th February 2015
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Fifty years of KFC in the UK

Although the first British diners to enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken were in Preston in 1965, the business had its origins in Depression-era America 35 years earlier.

Harlan Sanders began selling fried chicken from a roadside restaurant in Kentucky and from these humble beginnings emerged a fast food giant. Two things helped to power the development of the brand, one being the canny re-invention of Sanders himself as Colonel Sanders. The second was the mystique surrounding the secret recipes that gave KFC its competitive edge. KFC plans to celebrate its first fifty year in the UK throughout 2015, for fuller details follow this link.

Posted on: Wednesday, 25th February 2015
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Human Stories and the East India Company

Human Stories and the East India Company is a unique project by the Brick Lane Circle. The project will launch on Thursday 19th March 2015 at Lab 1A Idea Store, Whitechapel, London, 6.30-8.30pm. The project will recruit 12 volunteer researchers to explore the records and objects of the East India Company and write short fictional stories based on facts. This London based company had a major impact on Asian and British lives for more than two centuries. Take a look at the programme.

Posted on: Tuesday, 24th February 2015
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Capturing the Energy

Hosted by the University of Aberdeen Capturing the Energy works to preserve important records relating to the UK offshore oil and gas industry. The website has been revamped to include more details about the project, information about existing collections and outlines how companies, organisations and individuals across the industry can contribute to the project. Visit the website to find out more:

Posted on: Friday, 23rd January 2015
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Butlin's online catalogue project with HAT

The History of Advertising Trust has teamed up with Butlin's to catalogue their brand archive and to make selected items available online. The archive has been maintained and used by Butlins to promote their leisure resorts, most notably in a 75th anniversary brochure in 2011. However, the project will allow a whole new level of public access to this fascinating heritage collection. Follow the link for the full story.

Posted on: Tuesday, 6th January 2015
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