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Free research at the History of Advertising Trust

The History of Advertising Trust (HAT) took the decision to waive admission charges to non-commercial researchers in 2008 but, like a lot of good news, the message has been slow to circulate.

Certainly, researchers should need no further incentive to use the rich collections held by HAT. These include celebrated advertising agencies such as Charles Barker & Sons Ltd, Ogilvy & Mather Ltd and J Walter Thompson Co Ltd, as well as the business records of the industry’s main professional bodies such as the Advertising Association, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers. There are important corporate marketing collections for household brand names such as Heinz, Hovis and Vimto as well as the Dairy Council’s famous milk and cream campaigns.

Researchers don’t even need to be interested in advertising itself, as the collections provide source material for subjects as diverse as graphic design, health, politics and fashion. The changes in society through the course of the twentieth century can be charted through the adverts of the time. As well as the above mentioned material, for business historians there is much visual material to complement company records held elsewhere. In some cases the HAT holdings may be the best source that has survived and there can be few better places to trace the development of brands.

For further details and information concerning access, why not visit the HAT website

Posted on: Sunday, 14th February 2010
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