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Sustaining the Archive - Modern Records Management

What is Records Management?

Barings' offices in the 1960s. Image courtesy of The Baring Archive.

Barings' offices in the 1960s. Image courtesy of The Baring Archive.

An organisation creates records (paper and electronic) on a daily basis as part of its administrative, operational and commercial activities. If records creation and destruction isn’t managed properly your business can end up spending vast amounts of money in storage and retrieval costs, or creating silos of information that can’t be used because there is no meaningful differentiation between business critical information and ephemera. A modern records management programme solves records issues by establishing a process that manages timely destruction of records, and maintains business critical records for as long as needed, or in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Capturing archives

The records management process also identifies current business records that will have archival or historical value in the future. Implementing a records management programme can enable your business to capture new accruals of archives, keeping the corporate archive collection up-to-date and dynamic.

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